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St. Nicholas Church, Prague

St. Nicholas Church, Prague

Prestigious Venues – our ever expanding list of contacts in Europe and Asia allow us to access the finest venues available including Haydn Hall in Esterhazy Palace, Austria, Karlskirche in Vienna, and St. Nicholas Church in Prague, Czech Republic.
Appreciative Audiences- we promote your concert throughout the city to guarantee warm and appreciative audiences
Joint Performances – we can provide linkages to local performers with similar interests, master classes with local conductors, and combined concerts with local talent from the area
Master Classes – we have years of experience organizing master classes for musicians

Your group will enjoy the beauty of your destination with professional guides leading you through the cities and country-sides, showing you the rich cultures of the world.

Past experiences with other groups include helping the local children’s charities in Romania and Russia.

Parliament Building, Vienna

Parliament Building, Vienna

INTERNATIONAL MUSIC TOURS works hand in hand with airlines to ensure the best possible rates for return airfare to and from the destination city. Transportation within the city and country is provided by way of luxury motor coaches, boat cruises and high speed trains.

INTERNATIONAL MUSIC TOURS offers everything from Youth Hostels to 5 Star Hotels with optional meal plans.

Friendly staff always on hand, ready and willing to answer any questions before, during and after the tour with direct personal contact on a regular basis with your group leader. INTERNATIONAL MUSIC TOURS builds a trusting relationship which aids in the tour organization process.

INTERNATIONAL MUSIC TOURS gives you the opportunity to extend your musical experience, allowing you flexible return dates and providing you with travel services to accommodate your holiday wishes.

INTERNATIONAL MUSIC TOURS prides itself on the cultural and educational experience that we can provide your musical group. Day to day interaction with the local people allows for a full appreciation of the foreign culture, cuisine and people to enrich all the senses.

What better way to make new friends and contacts across the world than by singing, playing and experiencing a foreign city!